The mass flow meter advantage.
The Sonoair in-line flowmeter has no moving parts and is ideal for flow measurement of compressed air and inert non-combustible gases.
It is supplied complete with inlet and outlet pipe sections for easy mounting. Standard flowrate and total is displayed on a backlit display.
Sonaphone RD
Operating principle :
Accuracy :
Flow range :

Temperature range :
Pressure limit :
Process connection :
Protection :

Supply Voltage :
Outputs :
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Dimensions :
Technical Data
Heat dissipation principle
< 0.5% of full scale.
DN 15: 0.32 - 60 mr/hrs
DN 25 : 0.88 - 200 m3/hrs
DN 50 : 2.86 - 1000 m3/hrs

0 - 50 C
16 Bar
IP 65

24 VDC
4 - 20 mA, and pulse
8-pole M12 plug

DN 15 : 300 x 49.5 x 154 mm
DN 25 : 500 x 54.4 x 160 mm
DN 50 : 750 x 89 x 195 mm
Measuring compressed air losses
Sonoair in-line flowmeter
Since air and gas expand and contract due to changes in pressure and temperature, the reading from volumetric flowmeters need to be corrected to provide meaningful values. The corrected readings are normally referred to as 'standard' or 'normal' volume.

The Sonotec in-line flow meter measures the mass flow instead of volumetric flow. As mass flow is directly proportional to standard and normal volume, it eliminates the need for using pressure and temperature transmitters to correct the flow reading.

This means one unit, one calibation certificate and direct readout in Nm3 or Nm3/hrs or other units such as FAD (free to air delivery).
As an energy source, compressed air is a valuable commodity. Using the Softflow flow meter to measure compressed air usage at a time when the compressor is running, but with no production, is one method of quantifying air losses.

Then use the Sonotec ultrasonic air leak detector to help find and plug the leaks followed by another flow measurement to calculate the savings !