On-site commissiong
The FLEXIM portable ultrasonic flowmeter measures the flow inside the pipe from the outside by using the latest transition time technology. No interruption to the process is needed. Our test unit can accurately measure liquid flow in pipes with diameters from 10 mm up to 3500 mm.

Common tests include checking
flowrates in pipes without flow
meters or simply verifying the
reading from an existing flow meter.

The internal datalogger enables us
to provide you with a documented report.
Instrumentation, just like any other equipment, require correct installation and set-up. To ensure you receive all the benefits from your new instruments, we offer on-site commissioning, configuration services and tuning. We can also provide operator training to make sure everyone is familiar with the process.

We carry test and configuration
equipment such as the 375 HART
communicator, signal simulators,
pressure calibrators and other
measurement tools to enable
diagnostics of existing
On-site Flow checks