Remote monitoring and inventory management.
The time-stamped data points can be uploaded from the modem on pre-defined time intervals.
As the data is stored on a secure website, both the supplier and end user can share a common data source without either party requiring access to the others inventory system.

Emails and/or text messages can be sent out at various process conditions such as low or high alarm to provide information about a required re-ordering or completed delivery.

The system can be configured to resend messages to secondary contacts unless the original mesage is acknowledged within a preset time duration.

Reports can be configured to be automatically emailed to selected recipients.
PROCESSMONITOR is a division of Fluidwell based in Holland and manufacture modems for remote monitoring of silos and other vessels.

The modem type 422 can be mounted directly on a wall or pipe without the need for cabinet space. It has two analogue inputs and includes a SIM card which enables regular updates from up to two transmitters to be uploaded to a web site via SMS text message.
Each update includes a time stamp and the recorded process variable such as eg level or temperature.

The uploaded datapoints are available on a secure website and can be viewed in graph or tabular form, and/or downloaded in csv or other file format for easy importing into spreadsheet programs.
Shared access and tiered alarm messaging.
Key Features
Secure Website
Regular updates
Battery Backup
System overviev
In case of power failure, the internal battery is activated and an alert is sent out. Another alert is generated when power has been restored.
Process alarms such as high/low alerts can be sent via email or via SMS to a mobile phone.
The data is available on a secure website requiring username and password to access.