Extensive range of positive displacement flowmeters. 1/4" to 4".
Ulltrasonic flowmeter transducers are simply clamped on to the outside of the pipe and never get in in direct contact with the fluid. No cutting of pipes, no pressure loss and no need to consider material compatibility with aggresive chemicals.

Almost all pipe materials are acceptable, including plastic, steel and even concrete lined pipes, with diameters from 6 mm to 12m.

For hazardous areas, IECEx approved units suitable for use in zone 1 are available for both gas and liquids applications.

Flexim also offer the ideal solution for energy flow measurement on heating and cooling loops by using temperature sensors to automatically calculate, display, log and output the values directly in engineering units, such as kW.
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The Softflow insertion flowmeter for compressed air has no moving parts and can be used on pipe diameters from 12mm and up to 3m.
It uses two probes to accurately measure the mass flow and calculates the standard or normal volume at base conditions. No need for any pressure or temperature compensation.
M Series :

F Series :

S Series :

CR Series :
Industrial applications, stainless steel body.

Optimized for fuel and oil measurement.

Designed for use on solvents.

For corrosive liquids.
Displays and controllers for flow, level, pressure and temperature.
OVAL GEAR flowmeters for fuels, oils and chemicals
4 x pulse input
4 x 4/20 mA input
M844 Data acquisition and communication unit (DAQ) for use with up to 8 devices.

Can be mounted directly on post or wall and powered by internal long-life battery or external power source.

It accepts a standard SIM card and uses GPRS technology to transfer data and/or alarm messages directly via SMS text message or email.

It can also be used as a stand-alone datalogger using its internal 2 GB SD card

Battery-powered or
24 VDC supply.
SMS alarm messages
Time-stamped data and alerts to web, email or phone
Data can be uploaded
to secure website
Remote Wireless Monitoring And Datalogging
Our portable units have built-in dataloggers, and on completion we provide you with an independent report showing the measured values. No hassles and no equipment for you to own or maintain.
Flow VERIFICATION checks and audits - Liquids - air - gas.
Just want someone to come and carry out an on-site flowcheck or audit. ? One of our experienced field technicians can do the measurements for you, be it liquids or compressed air or gas.
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INSERTION flowmeters for compressed air and gas
Batch Controllers, Flow Computers, Display and Control Units
ULTRASONIC Non-Intrusive Clamp-On flowmeters for liquids and gas
- Can be used with virtually any transmitter or sensor.
- Robust aluminium or GRP Enclosure.
- Available with IECEx hazardous area approval.
- Gas flow computers with P/T compemsation.
- Field or panel mount.
- Multiple output options including modbus.
- Printer option.
Air/Gas flow measurements directly in mass and standardised volume.